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Obama's Wise Move on Immigration

-- by Maria Cardona, for

As a Latina activist I was devastated to learn the President would delay executive action to keep undocumented immigrants with no criminal record from getting deported.

He'd promised he'd do it, our community expected it, and the country's economy needed it -- especially as Republicans have abdicated their obligation to pass real and lasting legislative reform for our broken immigration system.

Could Cruz's Immigration Move Lead to Shutdown Fight

-- by Ted Barrett and Deidre Walsh, CNN:

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said Tuesday Congress should "use all means necessary" to prevent President Barack Obama from granting what Cruz considers amnesty to more immigrants who are in the country illegally.

He said it would be "appropriate" to include a provision that would block the President from doing so in a critical government-funding bill that Congress must approve this month.

Obama to Delay Executive Action on Immigration

-- by Jim Kuhnhenn, The Associated Press:

Abandoning his pledge to act by the end of summer, President Barack Obama has decided to delay any executive action on immigration until after the November congressional elections, White House officials said.

The move is certain to infuriate immigration advocates while offering relief to some vulnerable Democrats in tough Senate re-election contests.

Study: Kids’ obesity risk starts before school age

Associated Press, Published: January 29 Those efforts to fight obesity in schools? Think younger. A new study finds that much of a child’s “weight fate” is set by age 5, and that nearly half of kids who became obese by the eighth grade were already overweight when they started kindergarten. The prevalence of weight problems has long been known — about a third of U.S. kids are overweight or obese.

Immigration Breakout

President Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday night got the headlines, but few of his proposals will pass and most would make inequality worse by hurting economic growth. The bigger news this week turns out to be in Congress, where House Republicans seem poised for a political breakout on immigration. Speaker John Boehner plans to unveil a general set of immigration reform principles when the House GOP holds its annual retreat Thursday. Some on the right are trying to scare House Republicans into ducking back into their Mitt Romney self-deportation crouch.

Nicaragua's Sandinistas Consolidate Power With Military Reform

MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) — Nicaragua's congress has approved a military reform that allows President Daniel Ortega's military chief of staff to remain in his post indefinitely and lets the army take a larger role in the economy. It further concentrates power in hands of the longtime president and his allies. Ortega helped lead the 1970s uprising against dictator Anastasio Somoza, and since returning to the presidency has engineered a series of legal changes allowing him to remain in power indefinitely.

House Republican Leaders To Outline Immigration Principles

Immigration, John Boehner Immigration, Mario Diaz-Balart Immigration, Latino Voices News . WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republican leaders plan to outline broad immigration principles, including legalization for the 11 million immigrants living here illegally, to the GOP rank and file as they look to revive long-stalled efforts to overhaul the nation's immigration system. Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and other House GOP leaders will measure the willingness of party members to tackle immigration in a midterm election year when they unveil the principles Thursday at the G

Kansas Bill Wants Schools To Report How Many Undocumented Students They Enroll

Kansas legislator Allan Rothlisberg wants to make sure citizens know exactly how much of their tax money is going toward educating undocumented children. Rothlisberg, a Republican representative from Grandview Plaza, filed a bill Tuesday that would force school districts to request proof of American citizenship from students through documents like birth certificates and social security cards. After requesting such documents, the bill would have school districts submit a report to the state on the number of undocumented students they enroll.

McDonald's Says Its Restaurants Got Too Complicated

McDonald's Corp. MCD +0.55% Chief Executive Don Thompson said that the fast-food chain has lost relevance with some customers and needs to improve its menu offerings and provide better value. On Thursday, McDonald's reported flat sales and earnings for the fourth quarter. Same-store sales slipped 0.1%—marking a second quarterly decline in 2013—weighed down in part by a steeper-than-expected 3.8% drop during December in the U.S., McDonald's biggest market. After nearly a decade of outperforming other restaurant companies, McDonald's has struggled lately.

#Undeportable Campaign Puts Race At Center Of Immigration Debate

Immigrant rights advocates have initiated a campaign on social media to denounce what they say are racial disparities that exist in U.S. immigration policy. They began using the hashtag #Undeportable to post selfies with fake blonde hair and blue eyes. They’re doing it as a way to protest what they believe is preferential treatment that’s given to white immigrants over immigrants of color. The campaign kicked off last week almost immediately after Canadian singer Justin Bieber was arrested for street racing and was later released on a $2,500 bond.
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