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Donald Trump's Kryptonite: Millions of Active - and Furious - Latino Voters

-- by Sabrina Vourvoulias, The Guardian:

Barely a day goes by when Donald Trump offers Latino something new to get riled up about. In a “Cinco de Mayo” tweet on Thursday, for example, he declared “I love Hispanics!” in the caption to a selfie that showed him digging into a “taco bowl” at his desk.

The Myth of the Disappearing Nonwhite Voter

-- by Jamella Bouie, The Hill:

The first “swing state” surveys of 2016 are here, and the news isn’t good for Hillary Clinton. According to a new Quinnipiac poll, the likely Democratic nominee is just a nose ahead of Donald Trump in Florida and Pennsylvania, where she leads 43 percent to Trump’s 42. In Ohio, she’s behind, 39 percent to Trump’s 43.

Democrats All In on Hispanics vs. Trump

-- by Rafael Bernal, The Hill:

With Donald Trump as the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, Democrats see a chance to turn Hispanic voters away from the Republican Party this election — and perhaps for years to come.

They are seizing on every opportunity to fan the flames, with an eye toward winning the White House, taking back the Senate and cutting into the GOP majority in the House.

How Many Latino Students Are Enrolled in Selective Institutions

-- by Daniela Franco, NBC News:

There are few Latino students in highly selective colleges and universities though the good news is that the numbers are increasing despite the increased competition. Attending these institutions is valuable for many reasons, including higher graduation rates and the availability of more resources for Latino students, according to a new report released Tuesday by Excelencia in Education.

Banished: Deported Veterans Struggle to Survive in Mexican Border Towns

-- by Jeremy Schwartz, The Austin American Statesman:

Just before dusk, Carlos Torres gets ready for work on the night shift.

Donald Trump Posts Pic of Taco Bowl for Cinco de Mayo: "I Love Hispanics!"

-- by Katherine Krueger,

Donald Trump, the Republican Party's presumptive presidential nominee, celebrated Cinco de Mayo Thursday with a Tex-Mex taco bowl in New York.

"I love Hispanics!" Trump posted to social media, with a photo of the billionaire hunched over a barely-touched taco bowl purportedly from the Trump Tower Grill.

A recent Gallup poll found nearly 80 percent of Hispanics have an unfavorable view of Trump.

Republican Immigration Rhetoric Leaves Latino Population Feeling Disenfranchised

-- from NPR:

Immigration is back on the front burner in the Republican primary.

This past week, at a rally in Orange County, Calif., Donald Trump returned to talking about the wall he wants to build along the U.S. border with Mexico.

Meanwhile, outside, there were protesters speaking out against his immigration proposals and carrying Mexican flags.

Trump Protesters, Mexican Flag Wavers Could Bring Unintended Consequences for GOP Race

-- by Ruben Vives, Shelby Grad, Cindy Carcamo & Sarah Parvani, The Los Angeles Times:

The protests outside Donald Trump’s rally in Costa Mesa on Thursday night pose political questions for both demonstration organizers and the presidential candidate as the California primary nears.

U.S. Supreme Court Leaves Restrictive Texas Voting Law in Place

-- from The Latin American Herald Tribune:

Trump Spurs a Fresh Wave of Latino Activism

-- by Cindy Carcamo, Ruben Vines and Corina Knolls, The Los Angeles Times:

As Donald Trump's presidential campaign moves into California, he's being met by a revitalized, youthful Latino-rights movement playing from a different rule book than its predecessors.

Trump faced large and hostile demonstrations outside a rally Thursday night in Costa Mesa and at the Burlingame hotel where he delivered a speech to the California Republican Convention.

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