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Texas Agrees to Soften Voter ID Law After Court Order

-- by Michael Wines, The New York Times:

An agreement reached Wednesday would weaken Texas’ strict voter identification law and allow residents to cast ballots in November’s election even if they have none of the seven identifying documents that the law recognizes.

Gaps in Melania Trump's Immigration Story Raise Questions

-- by Ben Schreckinger and Gabriel Debenedetti, Politico:

Nude photographs published this week are raising fresh questions about the accuracy of a key aspect of Melania Trump’s biography: her immigration status when she first came to the United States to work as a model.

Fewer Than 13% of Florida Latinos Plan on Voting Republican in Election 2016

-- from The Intellectualist:


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appears to be facing an insurmountable wall among Latino voters in the key swing state of Florida: only 12.9% support among Hispanic voters, according to a new survey.

Turning the Tide on Voting Rights

-- by Richard L. Hasen for The New York Times:

Has the tide against restrictive voting laws turned?

In the last few weeks, voting rights groups, in some instances working with the Department of Justice, have posted a series of victories that seemed unlikely when their cases against these laws were first brought. The rights of hundreds of thousands of voters are at stake.

New Voting App Aims to Improve Turnout Among Young Latinos

-- by Liza Bayless, Yes magazine:

Immigration has been one of the hottest and most contested topics of the 2016 presidential election. It’s an issue that has great impact on Latino communities, which make up 17.4 percent of the United States population and will continue to grow. By the time the polls open in November, 4 million more Latinos will be eligible to vote than in the 2012 presidential election.

Will Latinos Pull the Level for Tim Kaine?

-- by Burgess Everett and Heather Caygle, Politico:

Latino Democrats came close to sharing a historic Democratic ticket alongside Hillary Clinton. Instead they ended up with a middle-aged white guy from Virginia.

Publicly at least, Latino voters and community leaders are just fine with that. Some, in fact, say they are legitimately excited about Tim Kaine.

A Few Simple Truths on Immigration

-- from the New York Times editorial board:

Poll: Latinos Less Enthusiastic to Vote in 2016 Than in 2012

-- by Rafael Bernal, The Hill:

A poll of Latino voters released on Thursday found they are less excited to vote in 2016 than they were in the 2012 elections, even though Latino turnout may prove crucial to Democratic chances of winning swing states this November.

The poll, of registered Hispanic voters in battleground states, conducted by Latino Decisions for Latino Victory Project, found that 36 percent of respondents were more enthusiastic about voting in 2016, while 46 percent said they'd been more eager to participate in 2012.

North Carolina Voter ID Law Struck Down on Appeal

-- by Erik Larson, Bloomberg News:


North Carolina’s restrictive voting law was struck down by a federal appeals court that found it was passed with discriminatory intent, a major win for the Obama administration and voting-rights activists in a swing state less than four months before Election Day.

Texas: Latino Voters Sue to Bolster Influence on Electing Judges

-- by Jim Malewitz, The Texas Tribune:

The state’s most powerful courts don’t exactly resemble the population outside of their chambers.

Though Latinos make up more than a quarter of the state’s voting-age population, just one — Justice Eva Guzman — sits on the nine-member Texas Supreme Court. The same goes for the nine-member Court of Criminal Appeals, where Judge Elsa Alcala resides.

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