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Clinton Solidifies Her Grip On The Latino Vote Nationally With Big Florida Win

-- by Adrian Carrasquillo, Buzzfeed News

As Clinton supporters at her event Tuesday waited for the big win in Florida, a new song played on the speaker system. “La Gozadera,” a raucous Latino anthem by Gente de Zona and Marc Anthony blared, interrupting TV reporters with it’s first line: “Miami me lo confirmo.”

Hispanic Vote Surfaces in Illinois Primary

-- by Hannah Rank, Medill News Service

Voter turnout in the predominantly Hispanic communities in Chicago and its suburbs appears to be higher in Tuesday’s Illinois primaries than in the past.

Boston College Professors Find Lack of Enrollment of Hispanics in Catholic Schools

-- by Taylor St. Germain, The Heights:

Univision Launches First Spanish-Language Fact-Checking Initiative To Empower Latino Voters

-- by Cristina Lopez, Media Matters for America:

Univisión has upped its 2016 presidential election coverage by launching Detector de Mentiras (translates to Lie Detector), the first Spanish-language fact-checking initiative in the United States.

Two Parties, Two Radically Different Visions on Immigration

-- by Sahil Kapur, for The Chicago Tribune:

Viewers watching the presidential debates this month have been treated to two radically different prognoses and prescriptions for the U.S. immigration system.

Puerto Ricans Flex Their Political Muscle in Florida

-- by Suzanne Gamboa, NBC News:

On the phone at Marco Rubio's headquarters, volunteer Beddie Nemcik's chat in Spanish with a potential voter is sprinkled with references to the American Dream and middle class.

After moving to the mainland nearly two decades ago, Nemcik sees Rubio, her home state senator, as the candidate who will best serve Puerto Ricans' interests.

Not so for Gladys Santiago, 35, who recently moved to Florida for good after moving between the island and the mainland. She's solidly behind Hillary Clinton.

Hispanic Republicans Like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Better Than Donald Trump

-- by Philip Bump, The Washington Post:

Donald Drumpf has regularly insisted that, despite his rhetoric about illegal immigrants, he would win the support of Hispanic voters in a general election. This argument was bolstered by the results of the voting in Nevada, where he won nearly half the Latino vote, according to entrance polls reported by CNN. Sure, he lost Hispanics in Texas, but winning any state seems unexpected.

How Latinos Power the American Economy

-- by Henry Cisneros and Sol Trujillo for The Wall Street Journal:

We are business leaders and we are here to tell you a surprising truth: Latinos are big drivers of economic growth. Unless you run a retail business, you probably have no idea what we mean. Few on the campaign trail or in the media ever talk about Latinos and economic growth. The candidates and reporters have a hard time getting past immigration.

Trump Has a Huge Deficit Among Nonwhite Voters

-- by David Lauter for The Los Angeles Times:

Donald Trump likes to claim that he has wide support among "the Hispanics," but like some other assertions he makes, that one's not true.

Nevada Judge Throws Out Immigration Lawsuit Linked to Mexico Grandmother

-- by Scott Sonner, The Associated Press:

The federal government does not have to explain to a Nevada man why his wife — a grandmother and farmer in Mexico — has been denied entry to the U.S. for more than 20 years under “alien smuggling” rules, a federal judge has ruled.

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