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HIP New Philanthropic Techniques for Engaging the Latino Vote

-- by Diana Campoamor, NPQ:

In this year’s election campaign, Mexican-Americans have been demonized while Latinos in Florida are being courted. From Donald Trump’s recent visit to Mexico to Hillary Clinton’s platform on immigration reform, it’s clear that both candidates realize the importance of the Latino vote. But, the question remains: How much will the Latino vote really matter?

How to Avoid Alienating Minority Voters: A Handy Election-Year Checklist

-- by Janell Ross, The Washington Post:

Donald Trump's long-awaited effort to court black voters is here.

Donald Trump is Dangerously Wrong on the Immigration-Terror Link

-- by Betsy Cooper and Daniel Benjamin,

In making his case that the United States is hurtling toward catastrophe, Donald J. Trump has spun more than a few myths. One of his favorites is that our borders are sieves, and terrorists are streaming in.

Here's How Little Americans Really Know About Immigration

-- by Ana Swanson, The Washington Post:

Moody's Zandi: Clinton's Immigration Policies Will Be Positive for Economy

-- by Huileng Tan, CNBC:

Hillary Clinton's immigration policies will be better for the economy than Donald Trump's, said Moody's Analytics' chief economist, Mark Zandi.

Clinton Trounces Trump in New Poll of Latino Voters

-- by Pema Levy, Mother Jones:

Donald Trump's strategy of embracing mass deportation of undocumented immigrants this week may be firing up his base, but it could cost him support among Latino voters. The latest poll of Latino voters shows just how much of an uphill climb Trump faces in winning even a meaningful sliver of this crucial voting population in swing states like Nevada and Florida.

Clinton Isn't Doing Better Than Previous Democrats With Latinos - Even Against Trump

-- by Abby Phillip, The Washington Post:

In a presidential year expected to produce record turnout among Hispanic voters, there are few signs that Hillary Clinton is performing any better among Latinos than past Democratic presidential candidates — even with ­immigrant-bashing Donald Trump as her GOP opponent.

What 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants Heard from Donald Trump: Be Very Afraid

-- by Dara Lind,

Donald Trump’s immigration speech in Phoenix Wednesday night couldn’t have been clearer: If you live without papers in America, you should live in fear.

Imagine you were watching Trump’s speech tonight not because you’re following the campaign for kicks or even because you take your right to vote seriously, but because you had to — at least, if you wanted to understand what you and your family might have to live through for the next four years.

Dazed and Confused Media Still Unsure How to Explain Trump's Immigration Plan

-- by Callum Borchers, The Washington Post:

So what is the takeaway from Donald Trump's schizophrenic Wednesday, which featured conciliatory remarks on a visit to Mexico, followed by fiery rhetoric during an immigration speech in Arizona? The dazed and confused news media can't agree.

Compare the lead in Thursday's New York Times to the one in the Wall Street Journal.

The Latino Influx Reshaping Florida

-- by Sean Sullivan, The Washington Post:

Republican Bob Cortes was the first Puerto Rican mayor of this Orlando, Florida, suburb. He became the first Puerto Rican from Seminole County to be elected to the state House, then did the same in the state Senate. He doesn’t want to be the first Puerto Rican from the county to lose his seat.

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