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Republicans Unintentionally Prompted This Push to Help 8 Million Immigrants Become Citizens

-- by Kate Linthicum, The Los Angeles Times:

At a recent citizenship fair at the Long Beach Convention Center, more than 3,000 immigrants got free help filling out citizenship applications and practice casting ballots at mock voting booths.

The Latino Vote in 2016: Nearly One Million New Latinos Voting on Election Day this November

-- by Jose Serrano, The Latin Post:

Nearly one million of New York State's 1.3 million registered Latino voters are expected to cast ballots during November's presidential election, according to projections released by a non-partisan educational organization on Wednesday.

Family of Immigrants, Only One a Citizen, Anxiously Awaits Supreme Court Decision

-- by Julia Preston, The New York Times:

 Jerry Pinto, an immigrant from Bolivia, has visions of opening a spacious carpentry workshop in this suburban city, with his name in bold letters over the door.

“I want a place where I can be visible,” he says wistfully. But for now he knows he has to lie low, because he is in the country illegally. He runs his carpentry business almost surreptitiously from the cramped garage behind his house.

Kobach's Office Puts Out Spanish Voter Guide With Wrong Registation Deadline

-- by Caitlin MacNeal,

The Spanish-language voter guides from Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's office include two errors about registering to vote in the state, while the English guides do not include the same errors.

Latino Voters Look to Candidates Vision

-- from Arizona Public Media:

Arizona Week looks at the rising voting power of Arizona’s Latino population.

Thirty percent of Arizona's population identified as Latino in the last U.S. census, the state's largest and fastest-growing minority group.

In the last general election, half the Latinos eligible to vote in Arizona were registered, but a much smaller number actually voted.

A Trump Effect in Connecticut?

--by Rob Ryser, New Times (CT):

They’ve been arriving since January in numbers that have exhausted staff at the Hispanic Center of Greater Danbury.

Ecuadorians, Dominicans, Mexicans, Guatemalans and Colombians previously content with permanent legal status suddenly want to become citizens and claim their right to vote.

Dolores vs. Rosario and the Fight for Young Latino Votes

--by Suzanne Gamboa, NBC News:

The competition for the Latino vote in the Democratic presidential primary has so intensified that it has pit a civil rights icon against the actress and activist who played her in a movie.

Despite Gaps, Reading Gains Among Latino Students: Report

-- by Raul A. Reyes, NBC News:

There is some good news when it comes to Latino students and reading scores, though there is still a big need for improvement in overall outcomes.

Despite Saturating the Airwaves, Trump Has Yet to Sit Down With Largest Spanish-Language Network

-- by Cristina Lopez, Media Matters for America:

Despite giving generous amounts of interview time to nearly every other broadcast news network, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has yet to sit down with the largest Spanish-language news network.

Will Demographics Sink Donald Trump?

-- by David Byler, Real Clear Politics:

Can Donald Trump win the presidential election? A year ago most reporters and analysts would have scoffed at the question – at that time, many of us didn’t even think he would run. But with Trump poised to either win the Republican nomination outright or head into the convention with a strong plurality of delegates, it’s a question we should take seriously.

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