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Census: White Population Will Lose Majority In U.S. By 2043

WASHINGTON -- White people will no longer make up a majority of Americans by 2043, according to new census projections.

California Bill Would Pave The Way For Ethnic Studies Statewide

A bill introduced last month by California Assemblyman Luis Alejo (D-Salinas) would require the state's Department of Education to develop a model for implementing a standardized, statewide ethnic studies curriculum for high schools. Although controversies over Mexican-American studies have roiled conservatives in Southwestern states, Alejo's bill could put California on the path to adopting one of the most ambitious ethnic studies program for public schools in the country.

Dreamers Back Independent In Arizona Race For U.S. Congress

WASHINGTON -- An immigration attorney with backing from a group representing young undocumented Dreamers is expected to announce his bid for Congress on Tuesday as an independent. Jose Peñalosa will join what looks to be a crowded field to fill the Phoenix-area seat of Rep. Ed Pastor (D-Ariz.), who announced last week that he plans to retire after his current term. Three Democrats have already entered the race, but Peñalosa plans to run as an independent to push both parties on immigration reform.

Even Fox News Isn't So Sure About Arizona's Homophobic

Megyn Kelly, speaking to Brit Hume about Arizona's infamous SB 1062: "I look at this bill and I wonder whether this is ... an overreaction [by religious] people who feel under attack on this score, and in the end, they may have struck back in a way that's deeply offensive to many and potentially dangerous to folks who are gay and lesbians and need medical services and other services being denied potentially." Hume: "I think you're right."

Texas' Family Planning Cuts Are A Human Rights 'Disaster': Report

More than two years after conservative Texas legislators cut funding of family planning clinics by two-thirds, a report has revealed just how devastating the cuts have been for the welfare of many women who now no longer have access to contraceptives, pap smears, life-saving cancer treatments and other critical services. Specifically, the report, compiled by the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health and the Center for Reproductive Rights, looks at how the cuts have affected one of the most under-served communities in one of the poorest areas in the state: Latina women living in

English-Speaker Sues Pima Community College Over Spanish Use In Classroom

An Anglo nursing student filed a lawsuit last week against Pima Community College District in Tucson, Arizona, over allegations that she was suspended for asking Spanish-speaking students to speak English in class. Terri Bennett’s lawsuit, supported by advocacy group ProEnglish, alleges that Pima Community College violated Arizona’s state constitution, which declares English as the official language. The case puts a new spin on the issue of language discrimination, in which Spanish speakers generally say they are the ones facing reprisals.

The Most Dangerous U.S. Cities Aren't Anywhere Near Mexico

Patrick has warned repeatedly of a “Mexican invasion,” though net migration from Mexico to the United States has dropped to zero since the economic crisis of 2008, and the undocumented population of Texas has risen only modestly since then. He’s pledged to crack down on employers who hire undocumented workers, though he himself did so in the 1980s. And he’s tried to tie undocumented immigrants to violent crime, using questionable numbers. Patrick ought to know a lot about crime.

Arizona's Law Banning Mexican-American Studies Curriculum Is Constitutional, Judge Rules

A court upheld most provisions of an Arizona state law used to prohibit a controversial Mexican-American Studies curriculum in Tucson on Friday. The ruling dealt a blow to supporters of the suspended classes, who had hoped the courts would overturn a 2010 law championed by Arizona conservatives determined to shut down the unconventional courses. “I was really surprised at the decision,” Jose Gonzalez, a former teacher of Tucson's suspended Mexican-American Studies classes, told The Huffington Post.

4 California Cops Arrested In Auto Theft Scheme That Targeted Poor Hispanics


Georgia Republicans Aim To Keep Driver's Licenses From Dreamers

WASHINGTON -- A group of Georgia Republican state senators are attempting to keep undocumented young people from obtaining driver's licenses even if the federal government has granted them temporary status to stay in the United States -- a move potentially affecting 16,300 Dreamers in the state. The bill, which was filed on Friday, would go against most of the nation by banning so-called Dreamers from receiving driver's licenses.
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