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Presidential Election Poll 2016: Clinton Leads Among Latinos, Blacks; Sanders Among Whites

-- by Selena Hill, The Latino Post:

Tom Steyer, Billionaire Environmentalist, to Help Advance Latino Candidates

-- by Christopher Delgado, The Sacramento Bee:

Billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer, the former hedge-fund manager who has steadily increased his state and national political footprint, has been named co-chairman of the Washington-based Latino Victory Fund.

How Trump-Style Politics Turned California into a Blue State

-- by Jason L. Riley, for The Wall Street Journal:

Regions Among the Nation's "Three Coasts" Grow Increasingly Hispanic, New Survey Reveals

-- by Allan Turner, The Houston Chronicle:

Vast segments of the United States increasingly are becoming ethnically diverse, creating what William Frey, author of "Diversity Explosion: How Racial Demographics are Remaking America" terms a "cultural generation gap." But, note researchers at the Brookings Institution, that diversity is concentrated in distinct American regions, largely in areas bordering the nation's three coasts.

Religious Groups Offer Sanctuary to Immigrants Targeted in ICE Raids

-- by Antonio Olivo, The Washington Post:

Religious groups and activists vowed Wednesday to offer refuge to illegal immigrants who are the targets of ongoing federal raids meant to combat a new wave of border-crossing from Central America.

The announcement recalled the sanctuary movement of the 1980s that provided safe haven to several thousand people fleeing civil wars in El Salvador and Guatemala, with churches in Los Angeles, Chicago and other cities sometimes filled with people seeking asylum in the United States.

Ted Cruz Ad Uses "Suits" For New Spin on Immigration Argument

-- by Suzanne Gamboa, NBC News:

Dark-suited business people racing through water and across a desert in pumps and carrying briefcases are the stars of GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz's latest political ad on immigration.

A rush of people that look more like those that you might see in offices, on Wall Street or in Congress crossing the U.S. border is what it would take for journalists and politicians to get the story and policies right on immigration and see it for the "economic calamity" it creates, according to Cruz.

Every 30 Seconds a Latino in the U.S. Turns 18. The Challenge is Getting Them to Vote

-- by Jason Margolis, PRI:

About 100 people gather at City Hall in Houston to rally for a $15 minimum wage. One by one, speakers take the bullhorn — a state representative, a union organizer, a preacher.

The speakers are poised and polished, but also kind of predictable. Then, 17-year-old high school senior Mario Sidonio steps forward. He looks shaky and raw, in a good way. My ears perk up.  

The Next Big Voting-Rights Fight

--by Emily Bazelon and Jim Rutenberg, The New York Times Magazine:

How Will the American Workforce Change?

-- by Rebbcca J. Rosen, Li Zhou, Adrienne Green, Gillian B. White and Alana Semuels, The Atlantic:

Latino Vote in Colorado Included in National Survey

Latino Decisions, America's Voice to Poll in 10 States

-- by Mark K. Matthews, The Denver Post


A political team tied to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton is launching a months-long project to assess the electoral strength and mood of Latino voters in key Senate battleground states, including Colorado, and its findings could provide insight on how Democrats and Republicans can win in 2016 and beyond.

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