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Back to the Stone Age

-- a New York Times editorial by Emma Roller:

Jacob Monty is not a RINO — a Republican in Name Only — even though some of his hate mail says otherwise. Mr. Monty, an immigration lawyer in Houston, has been deeply involved in Republican politics in Texas and nationally for much of the past 20 years. He was a fund-raiser for both of George W. Bush’s campaigns, and estimates that he has personally contributed more than $250,000 to Republican candidates.

Clinton Trouncing Trump Among Latino Voters in Battleground States

-- by Nick Gass,

The closest Donald Trump gets to Hillary Clinton in a new Univision poll of Hispanic voters out Tuesday is a 24-point deficit in Florida, as surveys from that state, as well as Arizona, Colorado and Nevada, show the Democratic presidential nominee with a dominant edge.

TED Talks Profile Latino Game Changers on an "Education Revolution."

-- by Kristina Puga, NBC News:

Though there's a lot of work to do to continue increasing test scores and improving graduation rates among Latino students — especially in lower-income areas with less resources — seldom do we hear of the Latino game changers who are bringing solutions to education issues.

Bill Would Allow Pyramid Schemes to Keep Preying on Consumers

-- by Brett Wilkes, for The Hill:

Currently pending before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, H.R. 5230 is a bill aimed at overturning 40 years of case law that clearly identifies what constitutes a pyramid scheme and serves to protect consumers from such predatory practices. The bill is backed by the Direct Selling Association, which includes members such as Herbalife, whose business model depends on some form of pyramid scheme to exist.

National Portrait Gallery Announces First Commission of an American Latino

-- from NY Arts magazine:

The National Portrait Gallery announces its first commissioned portrait of an American Latino and showcases new works that have been added to the museum’s collection.

Record Number of Latinos Turning 18 Before Election Day, Study Says

-- by Patricia Guadalupe, NBC News:

A record number of U.S.-born Latinos will be turning 18 by Election Day and are expected to have a significant impact at the polls in November, says a report examining Hispanic demographic trends and consumer behavior within the community.

Can Hillary Clinton Count on the Turnout She Needs?

-- by Greg Sargent, The Washington Post:

One of the big questions about the 2016 campaign is this: Will voter groups in the vaunted Obama coalition turn out at levels this fall that rival their turnout in 2012?

NCLR Latino Voter Registration Money Fell from $7 Million to $1.5 Million

-- by Suzanne Gamboa, NBC News:

The National Council of La Raza's funding for voter registration dropped from $7 million in 2012 to $1.5 million for this election year, a sign of weakened investment in mobilizing the Latino vote, according to one of the national Latino group's leaders.

Clarissa Martínez de Castro, NCLR deputy vice president, said Thursday the group is seeing a "contradictory environment" in the Latino community this election.

Heck Fares Better Than Trump with Nevada’s Latino voters, Poll Finds

-- by Adelaide Chen, Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Latino voters in Nevada overwhelmingly favor Democrat Hillary Clinton over Republican Donald Trump for president, but they are less familiar with the major party candidates running to replace Harry Reid in the U.S. Senate and haven’t solidified their voting plans, according to a new poll.

Donald Trump and the Hispanic GOP Disaster that Lies Ahead

-- by Aaron Blake, The Washington Post:

Donald Trump could take a historically low share of the Hispanic vote in the 2016 election. And here's the thing: He could still win.

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