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What 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants Heard from Donald Trump: Be Very Afraid

-- by Dara Lind,

Donald Trump’s immigration speech in Phoenix Wednesday night couldn’t have been clearer: If you live without papers in America, you should live in fear.

Imagine you were watching Trump’s speech tonight not because you’re following the campaign for kicks or even because you take your right to vote seriously, but because you had to — at least, if you wanted to understand what you and your family might have to live through for the next four years.

Dazed and Confused Media Still Unsure How to Explain Trump's Immigration Plan

-- by Callum Borchers, The Washington Post:

So what is the takeaway from Donald Trump's schizophrenic Wednesday, which featured conciliatory remarks on a visit to Mexico, followed by fiery rhetoric during an immigration speech in Arizona? The dazed and confused news media can't agree.

Compare the lead in Thursday's New York Times to the one in the Wall Street Journal.

The Latino Influx Reshaping Florida

-- by Sean Sullivan, The Washington Post:

Republican Bob Cortes was the first Puerto Rican mayor of this Orlando, Florida, suburb. He became the first Puerto Rican from Seminole County to be elected to the state House, then did the same in the state Senate. He doesn’t want to be the first Puerto Rican from the county to lose his seat.

Supreme Court Refuses to Reinstate North Carolina's Voter I.D. Laws

-- by Blake Hodge,

The United States Supreme Court has denied a request from Governor Pat McCrory to reinstate North Carolina’s Voter ID law that was struck down earlier this summer.

The initial ruling from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the law as unconstitutional in July.

Spanish-Language Stations Teaming to Register Arizona Latino Voters

-- from

A coalition of Spanish-speaking radio and television stations and newspapers is encouraging Latinos to register to vote.

BuzzFeed reports that the campaign, headed by voting group Mi Familia Vota, is hoping to increase Latino voter registration by Oct. 10, the deadline to vote in the general election in November.

As Donald Trump Repels Minority Voters, GOP Fears Its Future in the West

-- by Jeremy W. Peters, The New York Times:

Republicans in Western states fear that Donald J. Trump could imperil their party for years to come in the country’s fastest-growing region as he repels a generation of Hispanics, Asians and younger voters who have been altering the electoral map.

Texas: Latino Voter Outreach Efforts Include Detailed Video Series

-- by Mercedes Olivera, The Dallas Morning News:

Canvassing neighborhoods for voters during election season is hard, gritty work by voter registration groups. It requires time and footwork by scores of volunteers.

And registering people to vote isn't the only thing these volunteers do when they go door-to-door. They also have to educate and inform eligible voters about the candidates, voting locations, and — especially among Latinos — the importance of voting.

Response to Trump Has GOP Rethinking Immigration

-- by Tracy Jan, The Boston Globe:

He launched his presidential campaign by referring to Mexican immigrants as drug dealers and rapists and won the Republican nomination on the promise of mass deportations and a huge border wall.

Long a GOP Lock, Georgia and Arizona are Suddenly Possible Wins for Clinton

-- by Elizabeth Llorente, Fox News Latino:

In early August, a group of pollsters announced enough data had been collected in two traditionally Republican states, Georgia and Arizona, to move them to the “battleground” column.

And the Latino factor may have played a role.

Extraordinarily high unfavorable views of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump by the Latino community are resulting in recent polls showing a remarkably tight race between the mogul and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Trump Tries to Clarify Immigration Plan, But Avoids Key Issue

-- by Nick Corasiniti, The New York Times:

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