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Poll: Latinos in Key States Favor Clinton But Have Growing Distrust of Democrats

-- by Elizabeth Llorente, Fox News Latino:

Latino registered voters in four key battleground states have a clear preference for Hillary Clinton over Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, according to a new poll of Latino registered voters.

But the news isn't all good for the Democrats.

Jorge Ramos: U.S. Election Will Be "Referendum on Trump."

-- from Fox News Latino:

Jorge Ramos, one of the most influential Latino journalists in the United States, said in an interview with EFE that the Nov. 8 presidential election constitutes a "referendum" on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, whose rhetoric, he said, has increased "racism and discrimination" in the country.

"These elections are going to determine the new U.S. direction," the Mexican-American journalist said.

Voter Groups Are Pushing Latinos to the Polls

-- by Priscilla Alvaraz, The Atlantic:

Latino Students: A Portrait in Numbers

-- by Claudio Sanchez, NPR:

Latinos are by far the fastest growing chunk of the U.S. school population. A new report by the National Council of La Raza gives a fascinating snapshot of this fast-growing population.

Here are some highlights:


  • Over the last 15 years, Latino enrollment has significantly outpaced that of whites and African-Americans.

    Conservative Group Forsees Surge in Hispanic Turnout

    -- by Beth Reinhart, The Wall Street Journal:

    Hispanic turnout will rise by more than one percent in 2016 over the past presidential election but hover slightly below the community's record-setting 2008 turnout, according to projections to be released Friday by a conservative Hispanic group.

    The anticipated surge could bode poorly for Republican nominee Donald Trump, who received support from only 18% of Hispanic voters in a Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Telemundo poll last month.

    Arizona Republicans Tout Trump to Latinos, Focusing on Jobs

    -- from NBC News:

    Even before this year's election cycle began, Latino Republicans in Arizona were building a presence in the Latino community and setting up a ground game for the eventual Republican presidential nominee. But then Donald Trump barreled into the race.

    How a Shifting Latino Vote in Florida Could Influence the Election

    -- from PBS NewsHour:

    It’s morning at Melao Bakery in Kissimmee, Florida, and Jezreel Zapata Moreno is busy ringing up customers buying breakfast for the start of their day. Like most of the customers here, Moreno is Puerto Rican, having arrived in Kissimmee from the U.S. island territory just a few months ago in July. And also like many other Puerto Ricans living in Central Florida, he came to the state in search of a better life, away from Puerto Rico’s crushing debt crisis.

    Top Latino Polling Firm: Trump Headed for a Historic Loss Among This Key Group

    -- by Allan Smith, Business Insider:

    A top Latino polling firm released a model on Thursday that projected Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would receive the largest portion of the Latino vote in recorded history in the upcoming November 8 election.

    The model, from Latino Decisions, showed Clinton with a projected 82% of support among Latinos. Republican nominee Donald Trump received 15% support in the forecast, and third-party options garnered just 3%.

    Survey Shows Americans Are Feeling Better About Immigrants' Economic Effect, but Republicans Aren't

    -- by Don Lee, The Los Angeles Times:

    At a time of rising populist resentment over globalization, Americans largely agree that foreign trade is costing U.S. jobs, but they also hold an increasingly positive view about the value of immigrants to the economy.

    In a new study by the Pew Research Center, eight out of 10 adults regarded increased outsourcing of jobs overseas and the growth of imports of foreign-made goods as harmful to U.S. workers.

    U.S. Hispanic Unemployment Rate Creeps Up to 6.4% While National Rate Remains at 5.0%

    -- from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

    Total non-farm payroll employment increased by 156,000 in September, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 5.0 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment gains occurred in professional and business services and in health care.

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