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From Tobacco to Tortillas: Latinos Remake Durham, North Carolina

-- by Suzanne Gamboa NBC News:

Roselia Flores rushes into La Superior and quickly genuflects before the encased Virgin of Guadalupe statue in the corner of her supermarket.

“My first priority is God, then family and then work,” said Flores, who built the expansive Latino grocery-, bakery-, meat shop-, tortilleria-in-one.

Latino Groups Step Up Voter Registration Efforts Over Congressional Inaction

-- by Rebecca S. Myles, Latino Post:

Latino and immigration advocacy groups are busy organizing registration drives, and others are running eduation campaigns. The November elections could be a referendum by voters on the Obama Administration and Congress' failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Latinos Told the Only Way to Influence Policy Changes is by Voting

-- by Griselda Nevarez, Voxxi:

As the nation celebrates National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday, Latinos are being told that the only way to influence real policy changes is by exercising the power of their vote during this year’s midterm elections.

Poll: GOP Struggles on Immigration

-- by Jonathan Topaz, Politico:

Republicans are unhappy with their party’s handling of illegal immigration, a new poll says.

Plaintiffs Claim Bias During Closing Arguments Again Texas Voter ID Laws

-- by Manny Fernandez, The New York Times:

A law requiring Texas voters to show government-issued identification before casting a ballot is the latest example of the state’s long history of discrimination against minorities and puts unjustified burdens on the right to vote for more than half a million Texans, lawyers challenging the law told a federal judge here on Monday.

Labor Department Sues Farm Labor Firm Over Wages

-- by Jane M. Von Bergen, The Philadelphia Enquirer:

A Philadelphia-based farm-labor contractor failed to pay minimum wages to 125 temporary nursery workers, according to a lawsuit filed against the contractor by the U.S. Department of Labor.

The workers, employed by Heng Heng Agency Inc. and its president, Visith Oum, cultivated nursery stock at Medford Nursery Inc. in Medford, the department said.

Texas Group Uses Health Care Issue to Get Hispanics to the Polls

-- by Alex Ura, for The New York Times:

When Armando Rodriguez opened the front door of his home here on the city’s west side, Chris Ornelas of the Texas Organizing Project met him with one question.

“What are some of the biggest concerns you have in your life right now?” Mr. Ornelas asked in Spanish.

Two Immigration Fixes Obama Can Implement Right Now

-- by Mitchell J. Cohen, The Hill:

President Obama has decried our immigration system as “broken.” In the absence of a legislative fix, he has promised to take executive action to provide some relief to undocumented immigrants.  As an attorney who has been practicing immigration law in the greater Miami area for 15 years, I have 2 suggestions for executive action the president can take without stepping on the toes of the legislative branch.

Fix #1: Expand use of “Parole in Place.”

New TV Series Documents America's Dramatic Demographic Shift

-- by Bryan Llenas, Fox News Latino:

An advertising agency at the forefront of tapping into the purchasing power of Latinos, a community in New York where minority babies have a greater chance of death
than in Libya, a city in Idaho where White Americans are still very much the majority — these are just some of the stories on an upcoming television series documenting America’s changing demographics.

Individual Injuries the Focus of Revised Labor Safety Rules

-- by Erik Derr, The Latin Post:

Workplace accidents suffered by individuals are a new focus of the United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which has re-worked reporting guidelines for work-related hospitalization, amputation or loss of an eye, as well as death.

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