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Immigration Reform in 2015? We Could Use the Money

-- by Martin Sullivan, Forbes:

President Obama would love to have immigration reform as part of his legacy. Republican leaders in Congress want their party to be competitive in the 2016 presidential election and to show they can get things done. So although the odds are odds are steep — especially if the president sparks the indignation of conservative lawmakers and follows through on his promise to take executive action to remove the threat of deportation for millions of undocumented immigrants — our leaders are likely to at least make a serious attempt at putting together a bipartisan, bicameral deal on immigration in 2015. Their starting point will be S.744, the sweeping overhaul of the immigration system approved by the Senate on a 68-32 vote on June 27, 2013.

Obama, GOP Brace for Political War on Immigration

-- by David Jackson, USA Today:

Like boxers at the start of a bout, President Obama and newly empowered Republicans are circling each other over the politically contentious issue of immigration.

The issue could even affect confirmation of a new attorney general.

While Obama again pledged to issue executive orders on immigration policy, Republicans who will soon take control of the Senate said Sunday that "amnesty" orders will poison relations for the rest of the president's term.

He Lived in the U.S. for 15 Years. Only Church Sanctuary Saved Him from Deportation

-- by Tina Greigo, The Washington Post:

Was Immigration Delay Obama's Biggest Mistake?

-- by Pema Levy, Newsweek:

After the Republican wave swept away Democratic senators, House members and governors last night, one mistake looms large for President Obama: His decision this summer to delay the executive action he promised the Latino community to ease deportations of illegal immigrants.

Hispanic Civil Rights Group to Fox News, "Encouraging Americans to Vote is Not 'Voter Fraud'"

-- by Alexandrea Boguhn, Media Matters for America:

National Council of La Raza (NCLR), a leading Hispanic civil rights group, issued a statement responding to Fox News' baseless claim that the organization had encouraged voter fraud.

Latino Polling Firms Grow in Clout and Influence

-- by Francisco Alvarado, Fox News Latino:

Fueled by the growth of Latino voters across the United States, small, minority-owned public opinion firms are in high demand this election season.

Candidates, political organizations and media companies are relying more and more on companies like Latino Decisions in Seattle, Washington, and Bendixen & Amandi in Miami, Florida, to track Latino voting trends and behavior.

New York School Districts Illegally Denying Education to Latino Children, Study Says

-- by Rebecca S. Myles, Latin Post:

Latino children at one-in-five New York State school districts are being barred from receiving an education because of their immigrant status, the New York Civil Liberties Union said on Thursday.

Getting Latinos Wrong

-- by Matt Barreto and Thomas F. Schaller for Politico:

There is No Surge in Undocumented Immigration

--by Bettina Chang, Pacific Standard Magazine:

The overall rate of illegal immigration has actually decreased significantly in the last 10 years. The time is ripe for immigration reform.

Do Latino Voters Matter in the Midterm Election?

-- by Rebecca Caplan, CBS News:

Since President Obama trounced former GOP nominee Mitt Romney among Latino voters, 71 to 27 percent, in 2012, many a political prognosticator has warned that Republicans would be doomed in future national elections if they did not take steps to win over the Hispanic community.

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