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Mexican President Calls for Immigration Reform

-- by Brian Melley, The Associated Press:

Mexico's president spoke of the need for U.S. immigration reform on a two-day visit to immigrant-friendly California, saying those who reject diversity and inclusion will ultimately be proven wrong.

Republicans More Focused on Immigration as Top Problem

-- by Frank Newport, Gallup Politics:

Although both Republicans and Democrats name dysfunctional government, the economy, and unemployment as top problems facing the country today, they attach different importance to other issues. Republicans and Republican-leaning independents are significantly more likely than Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents to say that immigration and moral decline are top problems in the U.S., while Democrats are more likely to mention poverty and education.

Minority Children Will Be The Majority in U.S. Schools This Fall

-- by Juan E. Gastelum, Buzzfeed News:

The number of minority students enrolled in U.S. public K-12 schools will likely surpass that of non-Hispanic whites for the first time this fall.

Will Impasse on Immigration Galvanize Hispanic Voters, or Leave Them Apathetic?

-- by Tovin Lapan, The Las Vegas Sun:

Former President George W. Bush said he would get it done, but buckled to congressional roadblocks. President Barack Obama made it part of his campaign platforms in 2008 and 2012, only to hit similar barriers.

Washington: Federal Judge Rules: Yakima "Suffocates" Its Hispanic Voters

-- by Joel Connelly, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

A federal judge on Friday ruled that Yakima’s system of at large City Council elections  “regularly suffocates” the influence and voting preferences of the city’s minority Latino voters, thereby violating the 1965 federal Voting Rights Act.

Billionaires Silent on Immigration After Big Push

-- by Anna Palmer, Politico:

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, billionaire Michael Bloomberg and Citigroup exec Carlos Gutierrez gave immigration reform firepower last year when they lent their money or names to the cause.

But roughly two months before Election Day, the three groups the business titans helped launch are all but silent on the campaign trail. None of the three has purchased airtime for ads on immigration reform this fall.

Midterm Poll: Hispanic Voters Increasingly Concerned with Environmental Issues

--by Anjalee Khamlani, Latin Post:


English-Spanish Signs Front Election Center In Texas

Republicans hoping to capture Latino voters are out of luck, according to new polls analyzed by Latino Decisions.

The analysis of Hispanic preferences in nine polls showed that voters are increasingly concerned with environmental issues like conservation, global warming, and air and water quality -- which line up more with liberal views, according to the National Journal.

"From immigration reform to conservation, Latinos want candidates and elected officials who will best represent the issues they care about and will do so by promoting laws that will treat our community with dignity and respect," Leo Murrieta, national field director of the nonprofit Mi Familia Vota, told the National Journal.

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Catholic Schools Look to Latino Community in Hopes of Fighting Decreasing Enrollment

-- by Scharon Harding, Latin Post:


As Catholic schools struggle to stay open amid rising costs and decreasing enrollment, Catholic leaders are hoping to appeal to the Latino community.

America Ferrara to Host Latino Documentary Series "Panoramica"

--by Laura Berger, IndyWire/Women and Hollywood:

America Ferrera is returning to TV -- this time, in a much more serious role than "Ugly Betty."

Obama Weighs Broader Move on Legal Immigation

-- by Laura Wides-Munoz and Josh Lederman, The Associated Press:

President Barack Obama is considering key changes in the nation's immigration system requested by tech, industry and powerful interest groups, in a move that could blunt Republicans' election-year criticism of the president's go-it-alone approach to immigration.

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