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Latino Unemployment Drops as Job Numbers Rise

-- by Suzanne Gamboa, NBC News Latino:

The disparity between Latino and white unemployment numbers has narrowed over the past year as the share of unemployed Latinos saw another slight drop this month.

On Social Media, Clinton, Cruz Lead 2016 Potential Presidential Candidates

-- from Fox News Latino:

In the world of Twitter and Facebook hashtags, the potential 2016 presidential candidates who generate the most buzz are former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, according to Politico.

The GOP's War on Obama's Executive Action Lasted About 5 Minutes

-- by Sahil Kapur, TPM:

Five months ago, conservative were so livid over President Barack Obama's upcoming "executive amnesty" that incoming House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) couldn't bring himself to rule out impeaching the president as punishment.

Poll: 9 in 10 Hispanic Voters Support Obama's Actions on Immigration

-- by Sahil Kapur, TPM:

A new poll commissioned by the pro-immigration group Presente finds that Hispanic registered voters broadly support President Barack Obama's executive actions on immigration and oppose potential Republican moves to stop him.

Seventy-four percent oppose a potential lawsuit against Obama; 23 percent support it. Eighty percent oppose defunding the new actions; 18 percent support it, according to the poll conducted by Latino Decisions.

All told, the survey found that 89 percent of Latinos support Obama's actions when described to them by the pollster, while 10 percent oppose them. Hispanics blamed Republicans over Obama and Democrats for the failure of immigration reform by a 64-24 percent margin.

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GOP Vows to Swiftly Counter Obama's Immigration Moves

-- by Micheal D. Shear, The New York Times:

Republicans on Thursday vowed a swift and forceful response to the executive action on immigration that President Obama is to announce in a prime-time address, accusing the president of exceeding the power of his office and promising a legislative fight when they take full control of Congress next year.

Bachmann: Obama Wants to Turn "Illiterate" Immigrants into Democratic Voters

-- by Catherine Thompson, TPM:

Outgoing Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) said Wednesday that President Barack Obama wants to use executive action to temporarily shield "illiterate" immigrants from deportation in order to bolster the Democratic base.

Congressman: Obama's Immigration Plan Could Prompt Impeachment, Jail Time

-- by Betsy Woodruff, Slate

Conservatives hate everything about the president’s imminent immigration move, starting with its timing, and one House member is hinting that the executive action could result in impeachment, and maybe even prison time.

President Obama is expected to announce his executive action on immigration—a move which could defer deportations for as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants—on Thursday.

Obama's Immigration Plan Could Grant Papers to Millions, at Least for Now

-- by Julia Preston, The New York Times:

When Reagan and G.W. Bush Took Bold Executive Action on Immigration

-- by Mark Noferi, The Hill:

A Powerful Shift: Cuban-Americans are Moving Left

-- by Owen Parr, Brown Political Review:

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