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WASHINGTON, D.C. March 18, 2015 -- Hispanics lack adequateaccess to broadband Internet -- and it's preventing them from matching theeconomic, educational, and healthcare outcomes of their peers in other ethnicgroups, according to a study released today by The Hispanic Institute.

"Without reliable access to the Internet, Hispanics cannotparticipate fully in American society," said Gus West, President of TheHispanic Institute. "The best job and educational opportunities have movedonline. If Hispanics are to take advantage of them, they'll need to follow theminto cyberspace."

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According to the study, digital engagement is correlatedwith higher levels of education. Ninety-one percent of Hispanic families withsome college use the Internet, compared with 58 percent of those with less thana high school diploma. The latter group's low educational attainment already impedestheir employment prospects. A lack of Internet access exacerbates those woes.

The digital divide also hamstrings Hispanics' ability tosecure health coverage. The Affordable Care Act's subsidized insurance is onlyavailable through Meanwhile, many Hispanics believe that theycould be deported if they sign up for coverage through the ACA's exchanges. Combinethose two factors, and it's no wonder that nearly 30 percent of Hispanics areuninsured.

"A viable Internet connection remains one of the bestways to secure a step forward in this country," said West. "IfHispanics are to catch up to the economic, educational, and healthcareachievements of their peers, policymakers and the telecommunications industrymust take steps to expand Internet access in Hispanic communities."


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