by rafael on Mar 09 2021

-- by Carmen Sesin, NBC News:

As the president of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition, with a database of over 6,000 pastors, Gabriel Salguero was getting messages from pastors and parishioners commenting about posts they had seen on social media about the Covid-19 vaccine.

The information included false claims that the vaccines would alter people’s DNA, that microchips would be inserted and used to track people and that tissue from fetuses that had been aborted was used to develop the vaccines.

That’s when Salguero decided to step up and create ways to educate members about the vaccines and help with vaccination efforts.

“There’s just an avalanche of misinformation and maybe fear and anxiety that feeds that,” said Salguero, a pastor at The Gathering Place, an evangelical church in Orlando, Florida. “Our commitment is not to tell people what to do, but to make the information easily accessible and to give trustworthy platforms.”

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