by rafael on Apr 29 2020

by Christine Neumann-Ortiz, for The New York Times:

Despite their best efforts, Republicans were not able to steal a State Supreme Court election here on April 7. That’s all the more reason Democrats should double down on this crucial battleground state if they want to win in November.

Both parties see the state as a must-win, part of the “blue wall,” along with Michigan and Pennsylvania, that proved decisive for Donald Trump’s surprise victory in 2016, winning the state by less than 23,000 votes.

But Mr. Trump wasn’t victorious here because of a surge in Republican votes. Rather, black, Latino and young voters did not turn out as fully as they could have. Mr. Trump had roughly the same number of votes as Mitt Romney did in 2012, but Hillary Clinton fell short of Barack Obama’s 2012 numbers by a staggering 230,000 votes.

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